You will need to measure your wrist for a proper fit, this can be done with either a tape measure or a piece of string and ruler.   Add your measurement to the NOTES section at checkout.

My name is Max...

This is a 1:1 replica of "Mad" Max Rockatansky's cobra weave survival bracelet worn in the 2015 movie Fury Road. The original bracelet was not production made, rather a personal item that actor Tom Hardy added to Max's wardrobe. In a pre-production meeting, Tom Hardy met with Mel Gibson (Mad Max/Road Warrior) and gave him a cobra weave survival bracelet

“I felt I ought to touch base with him because Mad Max is synonymous with Mel Gibson,” Hardy said. “We had lunch, and I made him a bracelet.”.

The bracelet is featured predominantly throughout the movie. It is a single cobra weave bracelet that has an adjustable pull-string. 

This bracelet is 100% accurate to the one Tom Hardy wears both in the movie and in real life. The color of the bracelet is accurate - foliage green - you can see the photos for reference. These bracelets have the accurate adjustable pullstring or tail length to the bracelet seen in the movie and in real life. You can compare the length of the adjustable pullstring from my photos to the ones of Hardy wearing the bracelet and see that they are the same. I use the same ending knot while others use a "fist" which is incorrect. 

I use only US type 3 milspec paracord, none of the cheap polyester or commercial grade china made cord.

These are made to order for your wrist size in a variation of colors. Although hard to tell in the movie because of the environment the actors are in, desert, we see the bracelet very dirty and covered in sand giving the impression that it is TAN. In reality the bracelet is a shade of military green known as "ranger green" or "foliage green". Each bracelet is made out of 8-11 feet - depending on wrist size - of milspec type 3 550 parachute cord or "paracord". The bracelets can be untied and used for cordage in a survival situation. 

The movie accurate bracelet will be made in "foliage green" which is pictured above.

But if you prefer a "dirty" look, they can be order in "Coyote Brown"

Olive Drab, Black, purple, Pink, and Red are also available.

Is this a gift for someone and you don't know their wrist size, you can select either Small,Medium, or Large. The nature of the bracelet's drawstring will allow for a bracelet to be adjusted for fit. Every bracelet will also come with the above story specs summarized on a piece of parchment paper which is perfect for giving them as a gift.

Each bracelet comes in it's own custom inked 4x6 cotton drawstring pouch. Each pouch is inked with permanent, acid free Archival ink which is waterproof and will not bleed or fade.