Pocket Reel (1 unit).........  $12.50 

(Includes 1 pocket reel, 4 fishing hooks, 4 removable sinkers, 2 metal spinner lures, 3/4" bobber, knot guide with directions and a 45' spool of fishing line)

Customize Your Pocket Reel

Pick Your Own Lanyard Bead

The design of th​e Pocket Reel is nothing short of simplicity.  

With no moving parts there is nothing to break on the pocket reel.  While you will eventually need to change the fishing line the Pocket Reel comes with 45 feet on the reel itself and an additional plastic spool inside the kit that carries another 45 feet for backup.

The Pocket Reel utilizes a minimalist design in order to be the most reliable product for the end user.

Fun Factor

​Why should you choose the Pocket Reel?  What sets it aside from other pocket sized fishing kits?  

Unlike other kits, the Pocket Reel is made from a polymer tube that is virtually indestructible.   The kit is secured with a threaded cap which ensures that it will not open while in transport.  Fully loaded the Pocket Reel weighs in at only 2.5oz and is small enough (5" x 1") to be carried in almost any pocket.

The Pocket Reel comes fully stocked and ready to use with multiple lure options.  Open space inside the kit allows you to add addition fishing tackle.

Why the Pocket Reel

An Ultralight Fishing Kit


I've always been a fan of fishing without a traditional pole and gear, utilizing other methods such as film-canister survival kits, wrapping line around a water bottle, or simply using a line and a hook. I wouldn't have to worry about the logistics of packing and transporting everything, and I avoided spending tons of money on exotic lightweight materials. But what I really wanted was an ultralight kit that I could carry in my pocket. It had to be easy to deploy, fun and easy to use, reliable, and above all it had to be self-contained with both line and tackle. After some research, development, and testing, the "Pocket Reel" was born.​


Pocket Reel


​I'm an outdoorsman at heart, I love hiking around the forests, finding a remote place to camp and spending some quality time in the great outdoors. If there's water, you can bet I'll be in a canoe. And I always try and get some fishing in, no matter where or when. But when you're hiking, camping, canoeing, or any combination of the above, adding tackle and poles can be a difficult prospect. The equipment takes up room, adds weight to your gear, and is cumbersome to use "on the go." You have to unpack everything, assemble it, get some fishing in, then disassemble and repack it all when you're done.

About Me




​A knot guide is also included

The concept of the Pocket Reel is not new.  Hand line fishing has been around for years.  An activity that has been put aside for the use of more "conventional" fishing equipment, I.E. a traditional fishing pole.

​The Pocket Reel allows you to be more active while fishing and puts the fight of the catch literally into the palm of your hands.

The Pocket Reel is the most reliable survival pocket fishing kit you can buy.  With no moving parts and extra gear stored inside the kit it will always be ready to go and if something should fail, lost lure or broken line, you have extras.

The size 5" x 1" and weight of just 2.5oz, the Pocket Reel is perfect for a survival kit, camping or canoe trip, glovebox, bug out bag, or a simple trip to the lake.

It's secure design allows it to be used and abused without worry of effecting it's use.

​Survivability and Reliability 

Directions for use

​You simply pull out your favorite tackle from the kit, remove the elastic band covering the line, and tie on your lure. Slip your hand into the lanyard at the end, put your thumb on the line, and motion your arm like you are skipping a stone across a lake. When your hand is extended, release your thumb and the line will cast. You can do short casts by releasing your thumb and when the line is out as far as you like, point the kit upwards and the line will stop.