The BEST personal self defense option* made popular by king of the hill is now being made available to the public!


Pocket sand is one of the most versatile, compact, lightweight, precision made pieces of EDC equipment you could EVER own. Pocket Sand comes ready to use out of the box containing 2 quick deployable 1oz bags stored in a hi speed, custom made, cotton 3x4 drawstring pouch. Each 1oz bag contains one-of-a-kind made granules of deterrence from right here in the USA.

Pocket sand is adaptable to ANY environment or situation and is legal in all 50 states without any special licensing or training - training is highly recommended. NEVER be without protection again!

Gun free zone? .... POCKET SAND!
Bear Attack? Wild Dogs?... POCKET SAND! POCKET SAND!
No CCW? No problem... POCKET SAND!
Airline travel? We got you covered... POCKET SAND!
Skydiving? uh, sure... POCKET SAND!
Going to the beach?... well now that's just silly, but.... POCKET SAND!

Don't be without a self defense option EVER again, get your Pocket Sand TODAY!

Pocket Sand is brought to you by a division of Daletech, shi-SHAA!

May cause moderate to severe ocular discomfort.

Listing is for ONE pouch with TWO packets of POCKET SAND.

*Pocket Sand is sold as a novelty and i hold no responsibility for how it may be used.
Logos are hand stamped so there will be slight variations in each one.
Inked with acid free, permanent, waterproof archival ink that won't fade or bleed.